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Exponential Rewards— Gamified Green Staking

Get ready for an extraordinary opportunity in the world of crypto! Our innovative staking platform starts off by allowing you to earn big by predicting Bitcoin trends, with more groundbreaking gamification on the horizon. This offers crypto veterans and beginners a unique chance to transform their market insights or gut feelings into impressive earnings. Stay tuned and get ready to engage in multiple prediction options and diverse staking strategies, all designed for your success.


Bitcoin Goes Green — What is Green Bitcoin ($GBTC)?

Combining Bitcoin's Legacy and Ethereum's Eco-Friendly Blockchain

Bitcoin Green is the ultimate in sustainable crypto earnings. Engage in weekly prediction challenges and stake your tokens.

Want to Earn Big?

Passive rewards have never been simpler.

  • Proof type
  • Energy/TX
  • Rewards
  • Gamification
  • Green BTC

  • POS (Proof of Stake)
  • 34 Wh
  • Yes (Gamified Staking)
  • Yes
  • BTC

  • POW (Proof of Work)
  • 1,173,000 Wh
  • No (Store of Value)
  • No
  • BTC Cash

  • POW (Proof of Work)
  • 189.75 Wh
  • No (Store of Value)
  • No
  • BTC SV

  • POW (Proof of Work)
  • 913 Wh
  • No (Store of Value)
  • No

Did you miss Bitcoin's meteoric pump?

Here’s your chance to join Green BTC early at a fraction of the price!

Your Second Chance to Buy BTC Cheap

Did you miss Bitcoin’s meteoric pump? Here is your chance to join Green BTC early at a fraction of the price.

Stake and Earn Even More

Weekly Bitcoin price prediction challenges offer unprecedented rewards for both you, and the planet.


Presale - 50%

Early adopters gain a significant advantage with the $GBTC Presale, setting the stage for a dynamic beginning in our venture.

Staking Rewards - 20%

A substantial allocation is dedicated to rewarding those participating in staking, supporting the long-term value and stability of $GBTC.

Marketing - 12.50%

This portion focuses on crafting impactful campaigns and is key to enhancing global visibility and keeping $GBTC prominent.

Liquidity - 7.50%

Essential for maintaining fluidity in trading, this allocation is split evenly between Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges (CEX & DEX), ensuring $GBTC's robust market presence.

Community Rewards - 10%

This allocation is dedicated to nurturing our community and rewarding engagement and involvement.

Green Map

Step 1

Presale Launch

Kick off with an affordable presale of $GBTC to fund tech and marketing. This step is key to building a strong foundation for Green Bitcoin’s future.

Step 2

Staking & Predictions Go Live

Start our unique staking and Bitcoin price guessing game to get early users involved. This early action helps build our community's strength.

Step 3

Token Release

$GBTC hits Ethereum DEXs, with some supply locked to keep trading smooth and decentralized. This step is about making sure $GBTC trading is fair and steady.

Step 4

Earn Rewards, Build Community

Let $GBTC holders earn by staking and playing weekly price prediction games, encouraging everyone to take part and help the community thrive.

How to Join the Green Bitcoin Presale

The Green Bitcoin presale is your chance to secure $GBTC before the token launch. You can buy with crypto or bank card, plus you can stake your tokens to earn rewards during the presale.

Once the presale is concluded, you’ll be able to claim your tokens, either on the claim date or 7 days later if your tokens are staked.

Buy with Crypto

Buy $GBTC tokens with ETH or USDT. Make sure you have enough ETH to cover gas.

Buy with Card

Buy $GBTC tokens using your bank card. Check the buy flow for the fees.

Stake $GBTC

Stake your tokens either when you’re buying or on the staking dashboard. Earn rewards now!

Claim $GBTC

Claim your $GBTC tokens on claim day! This will happen once the presale has ended.

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